The Furnace

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This cracked and shattered landscape lies just southeast of the Bone Sea, and stretches all the way to the Sea of Talons to the north, and the Razorpeaks to the west.

It is a barren wasteland, marked by deep canyons and rifts that open into the depthless Underworld. Occasionally one can stumble upon the broken ruins of an ancient Tornish city, long abandoned, but for the most part there is nothing but desolation and ruin in this place. While some bridges do exist, the rifts make the landscape nearly impossible to navigate.

During the day, the sun beats down hot enough to kill most plants, and will burn anyone who remains exposed for long. During the nights, Otherkin and Netherlings stalk the dunes and crags, hunting for those who wander too close to the rifts.

None venture here.

The Furnace

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