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The Kingdom of Torn

The Tornish believe in a philosophy that they call Atheism. It is not what one might expect, hearing the word: rather than disbelieve in the existence of Gods (a purely ludicrous idea, as Torn literally fights them on a daily basis), they simply believe that the Gods have no interest in the Realms beyond possessing them, and that their creations are loosed upon the world between Reapings so that the battlefield can begin with an advantage one way or the other when the real players return to the board.

It is a very depressing philosophy, though as a corollary it contains a concept that is the core of Torn’s stubborn resolve to rebuild its empire: while the gods have abandoned them, it is in their power and their power alone to succeed and thrive. The Pale Kings will not lift a finger either way.

There are two types of Atheists: the driven, and the dead. The dead are the ones who gave up. The driven are the ones who drink. It makes most Atheists fun to hang around.


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