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The Empire of the Falling Sun is a recent creation in terms of the age of the world. According to official record it was founded in a single day, by the command of the eight most powerful of the Pale Kings.

It began at dawn, where three friends met on a hillside to bid farewell to their homeland. There was an army of netherlings marching from the south, and their city could not stand against such a force, so the were to flee north until they could find a stronghold mighty enough to hide within.
Standing on the hillside, though, looking over the place that had been home for all their lives, they were struck by a vision of the Pale Kings.
The Kings commanded them to each gather a disciple to their cause, and the six, united, would forge an empire that would purge the otherkin and the faelings from the whole of the world, starting with the Ragged Peninsula. They were to return to this hilltop with their disciples at sunset, and the Kings would show them the way.

And with that, their Gods blessed the three.

The first was a Saurian, and his voice was like thunder in the hearts of all who heard him. He spoke with eloquence and dignity, and his strength of will and spirit could not be denied. He became the king of the new order, and his kind were chosen by the King of Light.
The second was an Orc, and his hands were strong, quick, and scarred; the hands of a warrior. His skill in battle, both with a blade and with a legion, was beyond reproach. He became the greatest of the Saurian’s generals, and his kind were chosen by the King of War.
The third was a halfling, and his mind was clever and wise, enough to see the true gifts of the Creators. Even when the world was at its darkest, he would bring back an image of the light; the beauty of music, the taste of good wine, the majesty of art. He became the Saurian’s most trusted advisor and confidant, and his kind were chosen by the King of Life.

As they searched the city, the Kings saw through them, and with their wisdom so amplified, they found three worthy individuals who could aid them in their quest.

The Saurian choose an Eskal farmer: he understood the value of food and water to the survival of a nation’s people.
The Orc choose a Dwarven miner: he understood the value of labor and strength to form the might of a nation’s foundation.
The Halfling choose a Gnomish cobbler: he understood the value of material comforts and clever hands to smooth all aspects of a nation’s growth.
The Dwarves and Gnomes were chosen by the King of Knowledge, and the Eskal were chosen by the King of Nature.

But they were not the only people chosen by the Kings. Elsewhere, the three remaining Kings were enacting their own parts of this grand design.
Two of the three remaining Pale Kings chose races of their own to enact their wills: the Humans from Nemo were chosen by the King of the Storms, blessing them with his command of the sea. The Humans were arrogant, however, and rejected his favor, refusing to worship him over the other Kings. In revenge, the King of the Storms cursed Humanity so that their homeland would be forever wracked by stormy seas.
The King of Trickery chose the Tieflings of Torn, but his fickle blessing was to use them as a sacrifice to delay the demonic hoards long enough for the Empire to grow strong. They fought long and hard, but in their conflict they became corrupted by the very enemy they fought, and took on a daemonic aspect. They became as untrustworthy as the otherkin, and the King of Trickery turned away from them in disgust.

The last of the Pale Kings was the King of Death, and he chose none of the Creator races to grant his blessing. Instead, he created a great crucible, and endowed it with all of his power. This crucible would contain the souls of any loyal servants of the Creators. If their souls were pure, their power would be used to fuel the creation of powerful Angels: the ultimate crusaders of the Pale Kings, and the ultimate weapon against the enemies of Light. This crucible was his promise that, even in death, those loyal to the Pale Kings and their newfound Empire would be able to fight for their makers.

When they returned to the hillside at sundown, all six of them received a second vision from the Kings: they would go north, as before, but it was no cowardly flight. It was a retreat. They would gather their forces, they would build mighty machines, weapons of war, and they would return. They would not stop until they stood upon that hillside again, victorious. It was there that they would found their Empire, and it was from there that the Eternal War would begin its end.

And with that, the sun dipped below the horizon, and the vision finally came to an end. With new purpose, the six gathered themselves, and the Saurian led them north; not so that they could hide, but so they could prepare.

When they did finally return to that hillside, thirty years later, it was at the head of a mighty Crusade. The netherling force that had overwhelmed Torn had been crushed underfoot and driven from the Peninsula, and the time had finally come. Upon that hilltop the six founders planted their flag, and on that spot the capital of the Empire of the Falling Sun was built. The city of Argent was built around it, and from there, well, the rest is history.

Origin Myth

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