The Bone Sea

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In the center of the Realms, there is a great interior sea, almost completely blocked off from the outer oceans. This sea is vital to trade with a variety of countries that border it, though now it is mostly just the Riverlands and the Empire. It’s significantly calmer than the Nemoan Ocean; though, despite the gentle waters, the Bone Sea hides more insidious dangers.

These waters were once land. It is said that before the last Reaping, the continent was whole, and there was naught but rivers in this place. A huge Creator kingdom, rumored to have been the once-proud empire of Torn, rested in this place, and during the battle a spell was wrought by the enemies of the Pale Kings. The empire was drowned beneath the waves, pulled downward into the Underworld.

This legend is more true than most would give credit. The Bone Sea is aptly named, and is famous for its beaches of ancient skeletons and washed-up bones. Divers find ruined buildings as well as sunken ships on the seafloor. Most telling of all, there is a curious and dangerous place called Spires, where stone pillars jut out of the sea in tight clusters. There are some who have claimed that a few of these Spires are mixed with brick and mortar, and are, in fact, the tops of ancient towers. Those claims have never been proven, as the area is thick with savage creatures, and the Spires themselves are deadly to ships. Thus, the mystery remains.

The Bone Sea

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